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Megashare.net aims to become the largest movie review portal in Australia, focusing on the latest and upcoming releases from Hollywood, Bollywood and around the globe while also providing the best reviews for films of the past and timeless classics. We wish to become the one stop destination for all your movie-watching needs, from expert critique to casual discussions among our growing community.

While we strive to provide honest and unbiased reviews for all the movies featured on our website, we also understand that critic ratings are not always in accordance with the viewer’s appreciation of the films in question. Therefore we have enabled user ratings and are also giving you a voice, allowing you to post comments along with your own reviews, thus encouraging constructive and informative discussions about specific movies as well as cinema in general, directors, actors and film-making techniques.

We put great value in insightful discussions and we welcome you to create or join them. At the same time we are also looking for contributors and collaborators who, with the help of their expertise, can provide useful reviews and comments. If you consider yourself a movie fanatic and would rather lead a conversation than be a simple participant in it, you can contact us on moviefanatic@megashare.net to discuss about how we can work together.

We are always looking for ways to improve and our goal is to provide all our users with the most useful information about their favorite pastime along with a great platform for discussion and sharing ideas, whether they concern the latest Hollywood blockbusters or art-house fare and World Cinema.

Looking towards the future, we plan to give you the possibility of purchasing movie tickets directly on the website once you are convinced that the film showcased is worth your time and money, as well as Pay Per View.

We are of course open to your suggestions and since our aim is to provide the best user experience, you can rest assured that they will all be read and considered.

Thank you,

The Megashare.net Team